Wedding Video – “All You Need Is Love” Surprise Ending [Tidbits]

Love Actually is one of 2003’s biggest movies.  Written and directed by Richard Curtis (same guy who gave you Four Weddings and a Funeral, Bridget Jones’ Diary, Notting Hill and the Mr. Bean TV series, among other greats), the movie featured a star-studded cast, and ten different stories involving all sorts of characters, which turns out to be linked together somehow, counting down towards Christmas Day.

The movie features several memorable scenes, including one particular wedding scene wherein musicians would sing a rendition of The Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love”.

(We tried looking for a video of that one scene from Love Actually, and couldn’t quite find one, so you’ll have to get a copy of the movie yourself, if you haven’t seen it yet!)

So it comes to no surprise that other people would try to replicate that same scene, clearly inspired by the movie.  One couple managed to do so, as you could see in this video featured below.

The groom contacted Jerry Bruno Productions to help pull off this stunt.  A bunch of professional musicians were rounded up, and hidden among the churchgoers (just like in the movie!), unbeknownst to the bride.

That was pretty cool, although the priest didn’t seem too happy with the idea.  Or maybe he’s not a big Beatles fan.

Big props to the guys over at Jerry Bruno Productions for making it happen for our couple!

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