Tricia & Russell’s Amazing SDE Video

Here’s that Same-Day-Edit (SDE) video that’s going viral all over the internet this week:

Tricia & Russell Rosos SDE Video by Stephen Franklin Cinema

Tricia & Russell Rosos commissioned Stephen Franklin Cinema to come up with the coolest wedding video we’ve seen thus far:

Tricia & Russell Rosos Wedding Video Same Day Edit (Lip Sync) from Stephen Franklin Cinema on Vimeo.

Now *that’s* a wedding video you can watch over and over again– so delightfully entertaining! Looks like everyone had so much fun, even their parents (on the whistling part at the 4:40 mark), and their pet pooches (who show up at 2:09).

Awesome job, guys!

More Featured Videos on Sofia’s Cakes

We’ve got a steadily growing archive of proposal videos, save-the-date videos, same-day-edit videos and other wedding/wedding reception videos from our featured soon-to-wed and newlywed couples here at Sofia’s Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road.

We hope other couples find inspiration with our humble little collection of videos, and get the creative juices flowing so that they can pull off their own wedding-related photo and video projects.

Share the love, everyone!

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