They’re Calling This “The Best Marriage Proposal of 2015”

You’ve got to hand it to this guy.

We here at Sofia’s Cakes give mad props to Dean Smith for his ingenuity, commitment and dedication.  This video already making the rounds on social media, is being referred to as “The Best Marriage Proposal of 2015”.

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With his trusty little whiteboard, watch as Dean counts down to the big reveal at Jen’s birthday in Aruba, earlier this year in January.

He has a shot for every single day, for 365 days, (of himself doing regular, everyday things) right up to their stay at the resort in Aruba.  With a little help from family and friends, we’ve got this video right here:

How he was able to keep everything a secret from Jen is an accomplishment on its own!  Good job, Dean!  So glad you were able to pull this off!

Have you seen the number of views on this marriage proposal?  It was at 22.2 million at the time this post was made.  Amazing!

Congratulations on your new life together, Dean and Jen!  Also: you’re now both internet superstars!

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