The Gallery: Custom Cakes in Tagaytay by Sofia’s Cakes

Welcome to the Sofia’s Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road Cake Gallery! Here we have a number of photos of custom cakes in Tagaytay we’ve put together for our various satisfied customers.

Welcome to the Gallery by Sofia's Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road!
Welcome to the Gallery by Sofia’s Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road!

We’ve put together photos of some of our custom cake projects here for you to review and browse. We’ve tried to be as organized as we could; please pick the category you’d like to go through:

Each section will have links to other parts of the site, including links to dedicated galleries, more pegs and design ideas, and other recommended reading.

Tagaytay Wedding Cakes

By far our most extensive collection of cake photos, wedding cakes in Tagaytay constitute the bulk of our cake orders, as we cater mostly to Tagaytay weddings.

3-Tier Tagaytay Wedding Cakes

Of all the wedding cakes we’ve put together for our many clients, the 3-tier wedding cake is the most common. A 3-tier cake is sufficient for most Tagaytay weddings, and is suitable for most venues in the neighborhood.

Our soon-to-wed couples have the option to further upgrade their wedding cake, or purchase add-ons (such as extra sheet cake for guests, cupcakes and minicakes, or a candy/dessert station) to their cake order. Don’t forget to ask our team about available promotional packages for our cakes in Tagaytay!

Have a look at our available wedding cake packages for your Tagaytay wedding, or browse through even more of our 3-Tier wedding cake photos.

Standard Wedding Cake Packages
Best Value Wedding Cake Packages
Basic Wedding Cake Packages

Buttercream Wedding Cakes

As far as weddings go here in Metro Tagaytay, we’ve seen a lot of weddings that play up nature and the great outdoors– whether it’s a venue overlooking Taal Volcano and Taal Lake, or a private garden. Buttercream wedding cakes go particularly well with rustic or outdoor themes.

More recommended reading if you’d like to have us make a buttercream wedding cake for your big day in Tagaytay:

You can also head on over to our section on Buttercream Wedding Cakes in Tagaytay here.

Large Wedding Cakes

We do have soon-to-wed clients that prefer even larger wedding cakes. Sofia’s Cakes also makes 4-tier, 5-tier, or 6-tier wedding cakes for couples who wish to make a statement at their Tagaytay wedding reception (by means of a large cake, or a glorious wedding cake spread!)

4-tier wedding cakes are available with either our Standard Wedding Cake Packages or our Best Value Wedding Cake Packages. Also, check out our various large wedding cake projects:

Or jump to our section on Large Wedding Cakes here.

Satellite Cakes

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Are you interested in having your own custom design? Click here.
Check out our Standard Wedding Cake Packages here.

2-Tier Fondant Wedding Cake Photos. For more intimate weddings in Tagaytay
Larger Cake Photos. When a 3-Tier Cake just won’t do; photos of 4-tier, 5-tier and 6-tier wedding cake creations.

Cupcakes and Minicakes

Cupcakes and Minicakes as Wedding Favors, Souvenirs, and Giveaways

Wedding Cupcake Towers

Cupcake Towers for Birthdays and Other Special Occasions

Customized Cakes For Birthdays and Other Special Occasions

Here are a few cake designs we’ve put together for various clients’ birthdays, baptisms, debuts, anniversaries, and other celebrations in and around Metro Tagaytay.

Depending on our customers’ requirements, we can provide either: a custom clay topper, candy toppers, or toppers using real toys. Cakes may be of any size, can use just about any flavor, and can be customized according to just about any theme or motif.

If you’re ready to move forward with your birthday cake order, head on over here: “How Do I Order a Birthday Cake?”

Alternately, you may go browse through our other celebration cake designs here, go through a few more pegs and design inspirations here, or check out more articles for further reading:

Other Party Services in Tagaytay

Sofia’s Cakes can also help you with your other party needs in Metro Tagaytay. Ask about our party kits or party bundles to help you set up your own party in Tagaytay City, or ask about our full-service professional party planning services and let us handle your big day for you!

Jump to our section on Parties in Tagaytay here.

Need Custom Cakes in Tagaytay?

Let’s talk about cake! Get in touch with our dedicated team of cake designers, event stylists and professional party planners via these numbers:

(Mobile) +63 977 811.CAKE or +63 977 811.2253 (GLOBE), +63 999 888.7700 (SMART), and +63 917 847.1404 (GLOBE)
(Landline) +63 46 483.1483 (PLDT)

Or you can email us by clicking here, or by visiting our “Contact Us” page here.

You may also come visit us at our shop in Amadeo, Cavite, just outside Tagaytay City. You may download a copy of a map and instructions here.

"Let's face it-- a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people; it does for me!" -- Audrey Hepburn
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