The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing Your Wedding Cake

Looking for a few tips on choosing your wedding cake? Here’s Lauren Bohl White of New York’s A White Cake on the dos and don’ts of picking out a wedding cake for your big day.

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The New Rules of Wedding Etiquette

We now live in a world of hashtags, updates, uploaded pics/vids, and mobile apps. There’s a whole lot of rules involving all this tech, so here are a few updated, social media-related wedding etiquette tips when it comes to your big day in Tagaytay.

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If You’re Planning Your Wedding

Call your parents before pressing “post” or “tweet” to announce your engagement.
Your close friends and family will want to hear it straight from you first.
A Facebook status or tweet might be the most efficient way to get the news out, but it’s not the most personal. You know which friends and family members would appreciate to hear the news directly from you. Plus, it’s likely that older family members (like your grandparents) don’t have Facebook or Snapchat accounts and could miss the message altogether. Continue reading The New Rules of Wedding Etiquette

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Kindness and Generosity: Keys To Long-Lasting Relationships

Science says the keys to relationship success comes down to two things: kindness and generosity. Today’s featured article is written by Emily Esfahani Smith of The Atlantic.

Photo by Scott Webb
Photo by Scott Webb
Every day in June, the most popular wedding month of the year, about 13,000 American couples will say “I do,” committing to a lifelong relationship that will be full of friendship, joy, and love that will carry them forward to their final days on this earth.

Except, of course, it doesn’t work out that way for most people. The majority of marriages fail, either ending in divorce and separation or devolving into bitterness and dysfunction. Of all the people who get married, only three in ten remain in healthy, happy marriages, as psychologist Ty Tashiro points out in his book The Science of Happily Ever After, which was published earlier this year.

Social scientists first started studying marriages by observing them in action in the 1970s in response to a crisis: Married couples were divorcing at unprecedented rates. Worried about the impact these divorces would have on the children of the broken marriages, psychologists decided to cast their scientific net on couples, bringing them into the lab to observe them and determine what the ingredients of a healthy, lasting relationship were. Was each unhappy family unhappy in its own way, as Tolstoy claimed, or did the miserable marriages all share something toxic in common? Continue reading Kindness and Generosity: Keys To Long-Lasting Relationships

What Not To Include In Your Wedding Invitations

There are a few things you need not put into your wedding invitations. Here’s style and etiquette expert Amber Harrison of Wedding Paper Divas with more.

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Wedding style and etiquette expert Amber Harrison of “Small Talk Big Day”.

So you’ve chosen a supplier for your wedding invitations, and now you’ve hunkered down to get the first draft out, but you’re struggling with what to put in there. After all, you do have a limited amount of space on an invitation.

Here’s wedding style and etiquette expert Amber Harrison on what NOT to include in your wedding invitations.

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5 Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Suppliers

News has been going around online about the unfortunate experience a bride recently had with one of her wedding suppliers–her wedding gown designer, in this case.  You may read her full account of the incident here.

Note that incidents like these can happen to anyone, even celebrities.  Which means, while we all do the best we can with online research, or combing through forums, and stopping by wedding fairs, a great deal of judiciousness must be exercised when choosing the right wedding suppliers for your big day.

Here are 5 tips on choosing your wedding suppliers for your Tagaytay wedding.

1.  Deal with professionals.

Would you really entrust the biggest day of your life to amateurs, hobbyists, and people who freelance on weekends?  There are already a lot of professional wedding suppliers available, each one with the experience and expertise necessary to pull off a good job.

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And yes, you should be able to tell if your suppliers are professional.  Professional wedding suppliers know the value of your business. They know what their role is in the grand scheme of things, they are sensitive to your needs, and have the confidence (as well as the accomplishments) to back up their claims. Continue reading 5 Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Suppliers