Cupcakes are Fun!

These would be so gorgeous for a baby shower or a 1st birthday party!

Shown here: moist chocolate flavored cupcakes, with light pink buttercream, and all sorts gumpaste baby’s stuff on the top– almost too pretty to eat!

Want a customized batch of cupcakes for your special occasion or celebration in Tagaytay? Ask our team at for more details!

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#Cupcakes are fun! These would be so gorgeous for a baby shower or a 1st birthday party!#Moist #chocolate flavored cake, #lightpink #buttercream, and all sorts #gumpaste baby's stuff on the top are all almost too pretty to eat!Want a customized batch of cupcakes for your special occasion or celebration in #Tagaytay? Ask our team at for more details!#SofiasCakes #SofiasCakesTagaytay #babyshower #CupcakeCake #CupcakeStand #CupcakeToppers #CupcakeIdeas #TagaytayBased

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Sofia’s Cakes Tagaytay has been in the business of custom cake creations since 2012. Based in Amadeo, Cavite, just outside Tagaytay City, our humble little cake shop has put together some of the prettiest cakes for weddings, debuts, anniversaries, birthdays, and other themed parties in the neighborhood of Metro Tagaytay.

Our clients are mostly Tagaytay soon-to-wed couples, which means most of our cake creations are wedding cakes. We also have active partnerships with some of Metro Tagaytay’s top wedding venues, hotels, resorts, restaurants, and wedding vendors.

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Baby Roma’s Christening Party in Tagaytay

Moist chocolate cupcakes with pink buttercream frosting, and baptism-themed cupcake toppers, by Sofia's Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road.

The Sofia’s Cakes team was at Morielli’s Inn & Diner in Tagaytay yesterday for a very special celebration. Baby Roma Angelicah’s parents wanted to have a party in Tagaytay, so we helped put together a custom cake-cupcake-and-candy station just for the occasion.

Roma Angelicah's custom fondant christening cake, by Sofia's Cakes.
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So we had a special custom 2-tier cake made for Baby Roma in pink, with candy hearts and little candy baby shoes.  We also had her name and the celebration date on the cake. Continue reading “Baby Roma’s Christening Party in Tagaytay”