Catholic Churches In Tagaytay

Where To Get Married in Metro Tagaytay.

One of the first things any couple considers when making plans for a Tagaytay wedding is the availability of their church of choice.

There are many Catholic churches in Tagaytay, as well as the neighboring towns of Alfonso, Indang, Mendez, Amadeo and Silang. You also have several viable options outside Metro Tagaytay, in nearby Cavite and Batangas.

Transfiguration Chapel in Caleruega - 620x930px

We now present you a list of ten Catholic Churches in Tagaytay, which include the following:

Candelaria Chapel in Alfonso,
Ina ng Laging Saklolo, in Tagaytay City,
Our Lady of the Candles Parish in Silang,
Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church, or Lourdes Church, in Tagaytay City,
Palocpoc Church (or San Isidro Labrador Church) in Mendez,
Saint Augustine Parish in Mendez,
St. Gregory Parish Church in Indang,
St. Mary Magdalene in Amadeo,
San Antonio ng Padua, in Silang,
and San Juan Nepomuceno Church in Alfonso.

This is a most useful list for:

  • Couples looking to plan their Tagaytay wedding,
  • Those going on a Visita Iglesia road trip for Holy Week,
  • Those looking for new churches to visit in Metro Tagaytay.

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