Blue Wedding Cakes, by Sofia's Cakes Tagaytay Amadeo Road

Blue Tagaytay Wedding Cakes

Blue is a common color we work with here at Sofia’s Cakes.   Which means a lot of Tagaytay weddings have the color blue as part of their color palette. In this post, let’s talk more about blue Tagaytay wedding cakes.

Late summer color palette from Heart of Frederick.
Late summer color palette from Heart of Frederick.

In fact, a lot of our soon-to-wed brides come to us with all sorts of pegs and mood boards with blue wedding cakes. More about the color blue, as well as a few mood boards, and some color palettes below.

Here are several wedding cakes we’ve done for Tagaytay weddings, with blue cake bodies, or predominantly blue design elements. Continue reading Blue Tagaytay Wedding Cakes

Chel & Lan’s Custom Wedding Cake

Here are photos of a telecom-themed custom wedding cake we’ve put together for Chel & Lan for their Tagaytay wedding.

Chel & Lan's Wedding Cake

Chel & Lan’s custom wedding cake had three tiers; approximate sizes are 6×5″, 10×5″, and 14×5″.

The cake body is in blue, with a design to give the look of communication towers, running along the side of the cake from the base up. Right at the top is our couple’s custom cake figurine. Continue reading Chel & Lan’s Custom Wedding Cake