Our Standard Tagaytay Wedding Cake Package 2014

Update (2014 September 08):

You may now check out our most popular Standard Wedding Cake Packages here:

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3-Tier Mitchie Design with Custom Cake Topper

The Standard Tagaytay Wedding Cake Package

One of the most common questions we get at Sofia’s Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road is “What’s included in your regular wedding cake package?”

Our Standard Wedding Cake Package not only gives you a good-sized Tagaytay wedding cake, but also a lot of freedom to customize your package accordingly, including how your cake will ultimately look (and taste!), with a number of inclusions as well for a suitable cake spread on your wedding reception day.

Standard Wedding Cake Package 2014 | Sofia's Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road

Essentially, the Standard Wedding Cake Package includes:

  • A three-tier wedding cake, plus…
    • Your choice of an accompanying satellite cake setup, mini-cakes for your VIP guests, or wedding cupcakes as wedding giveaways.
    • Your choice of a cakes custom cake topper, or even more wedding cupcakes..
  • Delivery to within Metro Tagaytay
  • Prepared cake samples upon request

Your 3-Tier Wedding Cake

At the center of your wedding cake spread in your very own Tagaytay wedding cake.  It may be made of fondant or buttercream, and if you don’t already have a design, you may draw inspiration of one of our available wedding cake designs.

Tagaytay wedding cakes by Sofia's Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road.
The Emily Design, in classic white, with intricate cake detailing and design elements in gray.

Click here to browse through our selection of 3-Tier Tagaytay wedding cakes.  Click here to check out the specifications of our typical 3-tier wedding cake design.

In addition to your 3-tier wedding cake, you also have a number of other inclusions with your Standard Wedding Cake Package:

Your Choice of: Satellite Cake Setup, Mini-Cakes or more Wedding Cupcakes

Select one of the following additional items to be included with your wedding cake package:

  • Ten (10) regular wedding mini-cakes that you may give to your ninongs, ninangs or other VIP guests, OR
  • A satellite cake setup of three (6×3″) cakes with the same look as your wedding cake, OR
  • Sixty (60) wedding cupcakes, regular design

Your Choice of: Custom Cake Topper or Wedding Cupcakes as Giveaways

Our standard cake package allows for a provision of a custom bride-and-groom topper which will be added to your wedding cake.  Note that this is not a store-bought piece, but is instead crafted by hand by our crafts team, and can therefore be created with your specifications.

Custom Cake Toppers by Sofia's Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road.
A bride-and-groom custom cake topper: bride with a Macbook, and groom with an Alienware laptop.

We’ve always encouraged our couple-clients to come up with a design that best showcases their interests/hobbies, professions, or their love story to add a welcome personal touch on their own Tagaytay wedding cake.  This cake topper can be set aside after the wedding reception as a souvenir of the couple’s big day. Browse through our gallery of custom cake toppers here.

Another option is having cupcakes as wedding favors and giveaways, as a small cupcake tower, or as accompanying design elements on the wedding cake table.  You have forty (40) standard wedding cupcakes which may have fancy cupcake liners; cupcake frosting made according to your color palette/motif, OR may be individually packed in either clear plastic domes or boxes.

Browse through our gallery of wedding cupcakes here.

Cupcakes as Wedding Favors and Giveaways, from Sofia's Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road.
Buttercream-frosted wedding cupcakes with fancy cake liners.

Other Inclusions

  • Up to 3 cake samples (to be prepared in advance)
  • Unlimited consultation via email, phone or Facebook
  • Delivery, setup and handling to Metro Tagaytay.
  • Option to meet up in Makati/Ortigas for consultations (on weekdays; by appointment only, please!)

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For more details, options for upgrading your wedding cake design, or for an updated copy of our Standard Wedding Cake Package, please contact the Sofia’s Cakes Design Team.

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