Our Regular Tagaytay Wedding Cake

Sofia’s Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road makes custom cakes and cake spreads for your very own dream Tagaytay wedding. Here are the specifications of our typical 3-layer Tagaytay wedding cake:

Tagaytay wedding cakes, by Sofia's Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road
The Rania Wedding Cake Design, with a classic white fondant cake body, and light pink accent-pieces of candy roses, with smaller white flowers, and just a touch of green (via candy leafwork).
  • May be made of fondant or buttercream (depending on your desired look)
  • Approximate cake sizes:  6×5″ / 10×5″ / 14×5″ (measurement is diameter by height, in inches)
  • Edible layer: Typically, the entire middle (10×5″) and top (6×5″) layers will be edible and made of cake. The base layer will be made of mock cake.
  • Cake flavors: Your choice of either moist chocolate, lemon butter or vanilla pound cake
  • Cake body in classic white or off-white, or any light/pastel color.
  • Design elements in up to two colors, according to motif
  • Note: use of metallic colors (gold, silver, etc.) and deep colors (black, deep red, dark purple, etc.) may entail extra charges.

Click here to check out our Standard Wedding Cake Packages.  Click here to browse through our available 3-layer wedding cake designs.

Remember: Custom Cakes Cost A Bit More

Here at Sofia’s Cakes, we can work with just about any cake design you might have in mind.  Note that while we do our best to keep your cake costs at a manageable level (without compromising quality, of course!), expect costs to go up with:

  • More elaborate cake designs (e.g. ombre cakes, rainbow cakes, luggage cakes, etc.)
  • Square cuts of cake
  • Other cake flavors (e.g. carrot-walnut, orange pound, mint chocolate chip, chocolate-vanilla marble, etc.)
  • More colors/shades of color on your cake
  • Additional floral work and/or detailing
  • Additional layers (i.e. making your cake in a 4-layer, 5-layer or 6-layer design)

Typical Upgrades To The Regular Tagaytay Wedding Cake

Note that you can pretty much spruce up your cake however you want, as many of our clients do.  The usual upgrade requests we get from our customers include:

For a cost estimate of your desired Tagaytay wedding cake design, please do get in touch with our Design Team here at Sofia’s Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road.

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Sofia's Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road specializes in delicious, elegant yet cost-friendly custom cakes for Tagaytay weddings and other special occasions. We also make custom cupcakes, cupcake towers, and cake toppers, and our services now include party planning and event management, bridal car rentals, and wedding consultations.

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