What Are My Options For a Birthday Cake?

A common question we get here at Sofia’s Cakes:  “What are my options for a birthday cake?”

Mateo's Ben 10 Cake
Mateo’s Ben 10 Cake

In cases like these, clients may have found a birthday cake design in one of our cake galleries:

The short of it is, you can have any chosen design as:

  • A 1-tier cake
  • A 2-tier cake
  • A cupcake tower (1-tier cake + cupcakes)
  • A 3-tier cake

Let’s get into each option in detail.

One-Tier Cake

Khayan's Adventure Time Cake
Khayan’s Adventure Time Cake

One-tier cakes are great for small birthday parties, usually more intimate private gatherings, and are frequently character-inspired.

Check out a gallery of character-inspired celebration cakes here.

Typical size is 8×3″ or 7×4″ round, but may also be requested in a square cut.

Cost for a 1-tier birthday cake in fondant or buttercream starts at Php2200.

Click here for more 1-tier birthday cake ideas.

Two-Tier Cake

Brennan's Justice League Cake
Brennan’s Justice League Cake

Most of the cakes we work with are 2-tier cakes, and these are usually commissioned for baptisms or christenings, 7th birthday parties, and even for debuts, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

2-tier cakes are ordered for larger-sized parties, if you have a headcount of about 30 to 60 guests.

Cost for a 2-tier celebration cake varies:

  • A small-sized 2-tier cake (4×4″ 7×4″) starts at Php2500.
  • A regular-sized 2-tier cake (5×4″ 8×4″) starts at Php3000.
  • A large 2-tier cake (6×4″ 9×4″) starts at Php3500.

For 2-tier cakes, both tiers are made of real cake.  Use of original toys, action figures or playsets is optional.

Cupcake Tower

Jeanna's Frozen-Themed Cake
Jeanna’s Frozen-Themed Cake

Cupcake towers are particularly popular for kiddie parties, as they allow for easier handling and distribution. Cupcakes also give an added design element, which is great for styling candy stations or dessert stations.

Cupcake towers have a 1-tier cake (as detailed above), and can have 25, 50, or even as many as 100 cupcakes on the tower.

  • 25-pc cupcake tower: price starts at Php3500.
  • 50-pc cupcake tower: price starts at Php4500.
  • 100-pc cupcake tower: price starts at Php6900.

Check out our promotional packages for celebration cakes with cupcakes by clicking here.

Three-Tier Cake

A 3-tier cake is usually meant for grand occasions, such as debuts or anniversaries. Many of these designs are patterned after our Tagaytay wedding cakes, only adjusted to match the desired color palette or motif.

Our typical 3-tier celebration cake has the approximate sizes: 6×5″ 9×5″ 12×5″. The entire middle layer (9×5″) is made of real cake.

Prices start at Php5900.

For a full guide on how to order a birthday cake, or a cake for your Tagaytay party, click here.

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