Ombre Cakes [Cake Inspirations]

Ombre cakes are pretty much all the rage right now, particularly online like on Pinterest or Facebook.

Just what exactly is an ombre cake?

“Ombre” comes from the French word, which means “shaded”, and usually we’re looking at a multicolored strip of color graduating from light to dark, hence creating an ombre effect.  Google it up and you’ll see ths treatment with nails, hair, table decor and other design elements.

Pink Ombre Cake, from
Obviously for our purposes, we’re talking about cake.  Note in the image above, how you have the darker hue of pink towards the base, and a lighter hue of pink towards the top.

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We here at Sofia’s Cakes Tagaytay have picked out a few of our favorite ombre cake designs on Pinterest, so check out these wedding cakes with an ombre design that you might want to have for your dream country wedding:

Purple Ombre Cake, from

Purple ombre wedding cake, with a nice touch of flowers!

Modern ombre cake, from From

Check out this modern ombre cake design!

Gray Ombre Cake, from

This gray-on-white ombre design looks stylish, yet classy.

Blue Ombre Cake, from

Blue ombre cake design.

Pink Hearts on White Ombre Cake, from

Another clever use for a white cake with pink hearts giving it that ombre effect.

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