Macaroons Versus Macarons

Here at Sofia’s Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road, we get all sorts of inquiries for sweets and treats– goodies outside our usual wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and other celebration cakes. Such is the case when clients of ours start discussing dessert tables, wedding favors, or giveaways for Tagaytay parties.

In this particular post, we’d like to point out the difference between macarons and macaroons, as many clients tend to confuse these two treats with the other.


French macarons, as we call them to help with the distinction, have enjoyed a surge of popularity over the past few years. And as such, you’ve seen macarons sold in establishments such as Bizu, or TWG, or even peddled by specialty macaron shops.

Macarons are meringue-based, which means a lot of egg whites go into creating these babies, along with almond powder and sugar. Food coloring gives them their bright colors, and while you can have your fillings made of buttercream, ganache, or even jams, we’ve been seeing more innovative/exotic flavors for macarons, such as macha (green tea), salted caramel, cookie butter, etc.

You can expect the cost for macarons to be a little bit higher, mainly because you’re using more expensive ingredients, quite a bit more labor is involved, and there’s a greater demand for it.


Macaroons, on the other hand, are more like cakes or cookies, except that these are usually made of dessicated coconut. You also have lots of sugar and egg whites involved in their creation as well.

These macaroons probably have been in your memory for the longest time, as you may remember having these treats when you were a kid, when a grandmother or aunt may have made these for you at some point. The key, really, is the sweet coconut-y goodness.

Coconut macaroons are also very popular as wedding favors and party favors, and can be found in dessert stations as well.

To summarize…

It is, however, worth noting that the original macaroon recipes (circa 1500’s or 1600’s) called for almond flour, so macaroons do have a shared origin with the French macarons. For purposes of distinction, however, we now use “macaroons” for the more coconut-centric treat, and “macaron” for the daintier, more colorful meringue creation.

Macarons and Macaroons on Your Dessert Station

If you’re a big fan of either the French macarons, or the more traditional coconut macaroons, we can have those for you for your very own dessert station, which you can serve to your guests, or you can have them as wedding favors or party favors to be given out, or to be used as placeholders.

Baby Francesca's Parisian-themed cake-and-candy station.

Ask our team about our available party packages, or wedding favor packages today.

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Images of French macarons by Sunny Ripert, and macaroons by Georgie G.R.D., courtesy of Wikipedia.  Infographic courtesy of

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