Terms And Conditions

It is our endeavor here at Sofia’s Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road to provide the highest level of service and customer satisfaction, and to that end, we’ve put together a number of terms and conditions.

By purchasing a wedding cake, a birthday cake or any other product or service from us, you are thus covered by these terms and conditions, and you will receive a copy in your Cake Order Agreement Form.

Tagaytay Wedding Cakes by Sofia's Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road.
The Cassidy Design in ivory, with a white candy floral accent-piece, silver trimmings and a custom bride-and-groom cake topper.

As your cake decorator, Sofia’s Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road agrees to deliver the above described cake in a timely and agreed manner. The following conditions apply:

1. Your initial deposit reserves your event date and is non-refundable. Your date becomes reserved ONLY when this Cake Order Agreement Form is drawn up, signed and booking deposit is received.

2. A deposit of 50% is required to consider this an order and contract for services to be rendered in your behalf. The remaining balance is due two (2) weeks prior to the delivery date.

3. Any changes to this order must be made no later than two (2) weeks prior to delivery. Additional charges may apply. The date of your final payment is the final date for any changes of size, style or flavors of the cake. Any changes requested after this date cannot be guaranteed and may be subject to additional charges.

4. Payment balance may settled in cash, bank deposit, or check.  Details will be provided upon request.

5. We must receive the balance by the due date indicated or contract is null and void, and deposit will not be refunded. The cake will not be made if final payment has not been received. We are happy to accept payments on the final contract price – however, all monies must be paid and received two weeks prior to event.

6. If you miss your final payment date all previous payments are non-refundable and are not recoverable in the event of total cancellation.

Tagaytay Wedding Cakes by Sofia's Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road.
An all-white Dixie design, using fresh Gerbera sunflowers and daisies in yellow and white.

7. In the case of fresh flower usage on the cake, the responsibility of the flower safety and safe food practices will rest with the florist/stylist and not with Sofia’s Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road. You acknowledge that fresh flowers are not a food product, and may contain pesticides, insects, dirt, or other contaminants. When applicable, the person placing this order should obtain a notice of plant safety, in question, from the florist/stylist.

8. Be aware that ingredients or machinery may have come in contact with nuts, milk and wheat products. You agree to notify your guests of this risk and hold us harmless for allergic reactions.

9. The colors blue and purple or any shade of these colors cannot be guaranteed. These colors are unstable and tend to fade and /or bleed into surrounding colors and frosting.

10. On occasion we will photograph our cakes and we reserve the right to use any photographs for display or promotion without compensation to you.


12. You will provide clear driving instructions to your event venue and inform Sofia’s Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road of any adverse road hazards and/or obstacles that may hamper the delivery and quality of finished cakes. (PLEASE NOTE: excessive jarring due to “pot holes”, road construction or unseen road conditions, will damage the finished product to an unstable and undesirable state.)

13. In the case of an unavoidable occurrence, such as a car accident, inclement weather, or poor road conditions during delivery — Sofia’s Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road cannot be held liable for more than the price of the cake described in this order.

Tagaytay Wedding Cakes by Sofia's Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road.
The Jocelyn Design in classic white with royal blue design elements, and a custom cake topper.

14. If you or your representative elect to pick up and set up the cake, you assume all liability and responsibility for the condition of the cake once it leaves Sofia’s Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road’s possession.

15. If we have to wait for any reason after the agreed delivery time (such as locked building, tables not set up, designee not on time) you will be billed at Php2000 per hour. Also be aware that we are a busy bakery and your cake is possibly not the only cake we have to delivery on this day, so we will not be late for any other scheduled deliveries that day. If we must leave without setting up your cake, your cake will be delivered at the next earliest opportunity and might mean that your cake may not be set up in time for your event at no fault to us, and without refund.

16. We are not responsible for any damage to the cake after setup is complete. You are responsible for providing an appropriate and secure table and environment for the cake(s). Cakes are heavy and require a sturdy table, and optimal room temperature of 75 degrees or below.

17. Performance of this agreement is contingent upon the ability of Sofia’s Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road to complete the agreement and is subject to labor disputes or strikes, accidents, Acts of God, and other causes beyond our control.

18. Cancellation: In the event of cancellation, cakes cancelled prior to the two-week lock out date can be refunded up to 50% of balance paid. Cakes cancelled after the two-week lock out date will not be refunded. In the event something occurs that effects your scheduled wedding date– please contact us to discuss options.

19. We promise you the best product and services. It is our wish that by choosing Sofia’s Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road, we can be an important part of your special day. It is always our goal to exceed your expectations.

"Let's face it-- a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people; it does for me!" -- Audrey Hepburn
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