How Do I Order A Candy Station For My Wedding?

Candy stations, we’ve noticed, are very popular these days, particularly so among many of our wedding cake clients.

You can certainly understand the appeal of having a lot of sweets and treats, all beautifully styled and arranged according to your theme/motif, right there at your wedding reception for all to admire and fawn over.

Candy Stations

To give you an overview of our process here at Sofia’s Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road, we’ve prepared a special step-by-step guide on how to order a wedding cake with us:

Step 1: Do You Have Pegs?

01 - Got Pegs 04Let’s start with what you have in mind for your candy station or dessert station.  We usually start off with:

  • Candy station pegs; usually found by the bride online,
  • One of our candy station designs, which you might have found on our website or from one of our social media channels, like Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram,
  • Or a sketch of a candy station our stylists can put together for you.

In many cases, our brides come to us with a moodboard they’ve already put together, with particular elements they’d want us to work with.

Step 2: Let’s Work In Your Preferences

02 - Preferences 04The fun part is in personalizing your candy station.  You’ll have to let us know…

  • How many guests are you expecting at your wedding reception? Costing mostly depends on your guest headcount.
  • What theme/motif/color palette are we working with?
  • Do you have a preference for certain kinds/brands of candy or sweet treats?  We typically have a mix of local and imported brands, but we do our best to accommodate requests as long as we stay in budget.
  • Do you want to have prepared souvenir items ready for your guests to take home with them?  If you’ve ordered wedding giveaways separately, such as cupcakes and minicakes, they may be arranged alongside your candy station.
  • Design elements: while we’ll be discussing your theme/motif, our own stylists may make their own recommendations, or you may let us know what sort of design pieces you’d want on your candy station.

Note that the more embellishments you have on your candy station, or the more elaborate or labor-intensive your design gets, the higher your candy station package goes.

Let our team know exactly what sort of requirements you have in mind, so we can also make recommendations for you, based on your working budget.

Step 3: Check Out Our Available Promo Packages

03 - Promo Packages 04Now you might want to check out some of our available promotional packages.  You get a lot of savings this way, and we do our best to have your candy station package covered by one of our promos, so you get the best value out of your allotted budget.

Candy stations for weddings don’t have promotional packages for now, but you may want to check out what we currently have for our wedding cakes and wedding favors.

Standard Wedding Cake Packages

Budget Wedding Cake Packages

Wedding Favor Packages

Wedding Cake Packages with Partner Wedding Suppliers

Step 4: Other Add-Ons and Enhancements

04 - Add-Ons Etc 03Complete your candy station with our additional options and enhancements:

  • If you don’t have one yet, you might want to get for yourself a wedding cake as your centerpiece.
  • Wedding giveaways, such as cupcakes and minicakes.
  • Additional wedding cupcake tower
  • Additional specialty cakes and dessert cakes
  • Custom backdrops
  • Additional custom signages
  • Custom candy bags
  • Additional styling elements, flowers and/or balloons
  • Additional sweets and treats

06 - AgreementStep 5: Agreement

Once we’ve nailed down the details of your candy station, and the accompanying cost investment, we can proceed with formalizing your booking with us.

We urge you to review our terms and conditions here.






Step 6: Payment / Booking Our Services

07 - Payment

A 50% down payment secures our services for your big day.

Your payment options:

  • Bank deposit/bank transfer.  This is by far, the most convenient way to settle your cake package cost.
  • PayPal.  Ask us how you can settle your package via PayPal.
  • Cash; by dropping by our shop in Amadeo, Cavite.

We can furnish you our bank details/PayPal details upon request.  As for stopping by our shop, you may find a map and a set of directions here.

Once down payment has been settled…

  • …we’ll be preparing your official Cake/Candy Station Worksheet
  • …we’ll be preparing your official Cake/Candy Station Order Agreement Form (this serves as our contract)

Step 7: Production

08 - Production

Your official Cake/Candy Station Worksheet will be sent to our production team, as their guide to putting together your…

  • …candy station
  • …wedding cake, if any
  • …wedding favors, including cupcakes and mini-cakes, if any
  • …additional cakes, if any
  • …other candy station requirements.

Note that we encourage you to review your Cake/Candy Station Worksheet and let us know if we’ve missed any details.

According to our Terms and Conditions, no changes may be done two weeks before your event date.

Before this deadline, we may still be able to accommodate changes you’d want to your candy station package, but note that some costs may be involved depending on your desired changes.

Step 8: The Big Day

09 - The Big Day 04Our team will call you (or your wedding coordinator) a few days before your wedding to confirm your delivery schedule, or if any adjustments must be made.

Unless otherwise instructed, we typically arrive at your wedding reception venue two or three hours before your guests arrive.

We’ll ask for your wedding coordinator (or designated representative) to receive your candy station package, and take instructions for our staff to set everything up at your wedding reception.

We recommend that you have your wedding photographer take pictures of your candy station setup before your guests arrive as well.


Let’s Talk About Cake!

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