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Another client asked us, “Hey Sofia’s Cakes, got any ideas on how I can label my jars for my wedding giveaways?”

Sure we do! Jars make for excellent giveaways for not just weddings, but for parties and other special occasions as well. While they aren’t as cost-effective as cupcakes, jars allow you an give out just about anything you want:

  • your favorite candy
  • cake, cheesecake, cookies, brownies, and other sweet treats
  • dry ingredient mixes of all kinds, from soups, to dips, even for cookies, smores, and hot chocolate drinks
  • jams, jellies, and preserves
  • spices
  • scrubs and salts

I’m sure there are a whole lot of other ideas out there, but as you can see, jar giveaways do give you lots of options.

So let’s check out a few cool ideas we’ve found online on getting labels on these jars of yours.

First off, we’d like to point out that there are lots of websites you can find online that give you free (as well as paid) printable templates for your labels and tags.

Customizing them shouldn’t be too hard– so you can replace colors to match your desired theme, and add in your own floral text, or little messages to your labels.

That said, let’s check these babies out in greater detail.

Jar Design by Bottle Your BrandA simple label printout matched with a pretty ribbon works for most jar giveaways.

Crane Estate Castle Hill wedding photosSometimes, smaller labels work better, so you can see more of what’s inside the jar.  Consider smallers labels if you don’t have much information to include, such as directions for cooking/baking/preparing dry mixes.

Jar Design by The KitchnTry a combo of paper or fabric around the lid, and a nice little tag, all held together by some string or ribbon.

Jar Design by Back To The RootsWork in your color palette or color scheme with layers of colored fabric and ribbon.

Jar Design by Northwest Edible LifeYou may also stick your labels onto your lids instead of on the jar itself.

Jar Design from Tip JunkieSee how lovely that looks with some ribbon on it!

Jar Design by The Wedding of My Dreams UKFor jars with slightly narrower necks, you may try it this way– labels slung around just nicely around the neck so that it doesn’t fall down to the base.

(In case you’re looking for the link to the label template, here it is.)

Jar Design by Ashlee MarieOr you can forego the label completely, and have just one big sign at the table where you’re giving these jars away.

You can also add extra embellishments onto your jars.  Flowers are always a nice touch, but you may also have little character cut-outs, seasonal accents– anything you wish for an added touch of color and personality.

Again, these are but a few ideas, but we hope it gives you a good jump-off point for your own jar designs.

Need To Do It Yourself?

We’ve got an assortment of jars you can use, and they’re available for sale at The Sofia’s Cakes Store.

Or if you’d prefer, you can also ask for us to print out tags and labels for you to use.

Contact the Sofia’s Cakes team to help you out with your wedding giveaway or party favor requirements.


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