What Not To Include In Your Wedding Invitations

There are a few things you need not put into your wedding invitations. Here’s style and etiquette expert Amber Harrison of Wedding Paper Divas with more.

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Wedding style and etiquette expert Amber Harrison of “Small Talk Big Day”.

So you’ve chosen a supplier for your wedding invitations, and now you’ve hunkered down to get the first draft out, but you’re struggling with what to put in there. After all, you do have a limited amount of space on an invitation.

Here’s wedding style and etiquette expert Amber Harrison on what NOT to include in your wedding invitations.

Key Learning Points

  1. Registry Information: You want your invitation to be about the celebration, not the gifts. Instead of on your invites, include registry information on your wedding website with your shower invitation or use good ole’ fashion word-of-mouth. Your family and wedding party will help spread the word and this will save space on your beautiful invites for specifics regarding venue and wedding date.
  2. Rules Regarding Children: Leave off any language that encourages guests to leave the kids at home. If you prefer an adults only event, just be very specific when addressing the invitation and only list the names of the guests invited. This is not an uncommon request for almost newlyweds, a lot of couples prefer that children don’t attend the big day. Just remember to be precise and only address the invitation with the names of the guests that are invited.
  3. Food & Beverage Detail: Leave the entree selections to the response card. If you’re having a dry reception or a limited alcohol selection, there’s no need to mention that, your guests will figure it out when they get there. If this feels too limiting, don’t worry, your wedding website or enclosure cards are a great way to share any fun and extra information!

Amber Harrison is a wedding style and trend expert, as well as the host of “Small Talk, Big Day”.  She’s also featured regularly on Wedding Paper Divas, so go check her out.

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