Can’t Get Enough M&M’s? Have an M&M Cake!

Know someone with a sweet spot for M&M’s? You might want to consider having an M&M cake made! Check out these awesome M&M cake ideas:

M&M Overload Cake

While it works best for a great birthday cake, we don’t see any reason why it couldn’t be a wedding cake or anniversary cake.

This idea should work with just about any standard cake, with a little structure with your M&M’s candy wrapper and a generous cascade of M&M candy made of just about any M&M variety you’d want!

Optional: your cute M&M mascots as your custom cake topper.

Another great idea: get an accompanying candy station, with even more M&M’s, and more of your favorite sweets and treats!

(Thanks to Annie for sending this idea in!)

Photo Credits: No idea who made these cakes, as these pegs have been making the rounds on Google and Facebook. But do let us know so we can give proper attribution to the respective cakemakers.

Cake Inspirations at Sofia’s Cakes

Cake InspirationsEvery now and then, we have clients and friends sending us all sorts of cake pegs and cake designs from all over the internet, asking us if we can put together something similar for them.

We decided to compile some of these interesting cake concepts and ideas right here on Cake Inspirations at Sofia’s Cakes— wedding cake ideas, birthday cake inspirations, and pegs for all sorts of cakes for your big day in Tagaytay!

Got a great idea in mind for your very own custom cake?

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