Dessert Cake + Party Favors | Tagaytay Party Packages

The ideal package for smaller but just-as-special celebrations; perfect for school or house parties (or even office parties), with a signature dessert cake, and an assortment of giveaways just for the occasion.

Dessert Cake + Party Favors | Tagaytay Party Packages by Sofia's Cakes
Dessert Cake + Party Favors | Tagaytay Party Packages by Sofia’s Cakes

Package Details

  • Package Inclusions
    • (1) signature dessert cake
    • (30) individually packed cookies or brownies as giveaways
    • (30) loot bags/gift bags according to theme
  • Delivery, setup and handling to within Metro Tagaytay
  • Bonus: Php500 worth of toys from the Sofia’s Cakes Shop

Other Package Notes

  1. This package is typically good for 15 to 30 guests. Consult with our team with regards to adjustments in pricing for larger guest headcounts.
  2. Signature dessert cakes are standard 8×3″ round cakes.  Choice of flavor for your cake includes:
  3. It’s OK to have a mix of cookies and brownies, as it is OK to have two different flavors of cupcakes for your package.
  4. Lootbags:  a standard set of lootbags will be provided along with your package.  Contents may be adjusted depending on the theme of your party, and average age of attendees; please consult the Sofia’s Cakes team for details.
  5. Delivery: while Sofia’s Cakes immediately serves the area of Metro Tagaytay (i.e. Tagaytay City, and the adjoining towns of Silang, Amadeo, Mendez-Nuñez, Indang, and Alfonso), we are also able to service the areas of nearby Cavite, Batangas, and Laguna (but with small adjustments to account for delivery, setup, and handling).
  6. The Sofia’s Cakes Store. Please get in touch with our team to find out what toys are available at Sofia’s Cakes Store. Package-inclusive toys may be claimed as soon as booking is completed, or may be given to the celebrant during the event.

Other Party Packages

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Customizing Your Package Further

  • Some clients have purchased this package along with either the Candy Station + Cupcakes package, or the Custom Cake + Candy Station package.  You may also have your custom cake, your candy station, or your cupcakes commissioned along with this package.
  • Requests for special cake or cupcake flavors, or specific brands of candy, desserts, or snacks
  • Custom backdrops, signages, standees, and buntings
  • Invitations, party hats, and name tags
  • Event styling by way of balloons, flowers, and other props
  • Party program with a host, fun and games, and lots of prizes
  • Additional custom loot bags and/or gift baskets
  • For any other special requests or requirements, please get in touch with the Sofia’s Cakes team. Contact details are listed below.

Looking For Just Cake or Cupcakes?

We can hook you up with some of the finest cakes and cupcakes in Metro Tagaytay to celebrate your big day.

Is There Anything Else We Can Do For You?

Below are a few more quick links for your convenience:

Download a copy of our brochure, and check out the latest available packages we have available for your party in Tagaytay!
Download a copy of our brochure, and check out the latest available packages we have available for your party in Tagaytay!

Need Help in Putting Together a Party in Metro Tagaytay?

Full Service Party Planning | Tagaytay Party Packages by Sofia's Cakes
Full Service Party Planning | Tagaytay Party Packages by Sofia’s Cakes

Looking to upgrade your party planning package even further? Ask us about our other available add-ons from live entertainment, to inflatables, to cosplay artists. We also have full-service party planning services available, so you can let us do all the dirty work, and keep your big day stress-free for you.

Get in touch with our dedicated team of cake designers, event stylists and party planners via these numbers:

(Mobile) +63 917 847.1404 (GLOBE)
(Landline) +63 46 483.1483 (PLDT)

Or you can email us by clicking here, or by filling up the form found here.

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