Cupcakes at Your Wedding Reception

Let’s talk about cupcakes for a minute.

Wedding cupcakes are a popular choice for wedding favors. Aside from the obvious (who doesn’t love cupcakes?), they’re extremely versatile, as you can use the as design elements to help play up your wedding reception theme/motif, they can be served to your guests, or your guests can help themselves to some on your cupcake tower or dessert station, or you can arrange for them to be individually packed in boxes and ribbons for your family and friends to bring home.

Cupcakes as Wedding Favors and Giveaways, from Sofia's Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road.

Shown above: buttercream-frosted wedding cupcakes with fancy cupcake liners.

As far as wedding favors go, they’re pretty cost-friendly too. They’re fairly easy to customize, they make for great picture-taking, they make great conversation pieces (note how they get shared a lot on Facebook and Instagram!), and they taste great!

Here at Sofia’s Cakes, we offer wedding cupcakes as part of some of our Wedding Cake Packages, as well as our Candy and Dessert Stations.

1. Cupcakes on Wedding Cupcake Towers.

Very popular with Tagaytay weddings, wedding cupcake towers are an alternative to a traditional 3-tier or 4-tier wedding cake. You can have as many cupcakes as you want for your cupcake tower– 50 to 65 pieces make for a typical small tower, with about 100 to 150 cupcakes making up most of the wedding cupcake towers we’ve put together for clients.

Tagaytay Wedding Cakes by Sofia's Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road.

Cupcakes on a wedding cupcake tower are best left unpacked (i.e. *not* boxed as wedding souvenirs), particularly so if you have a nice design that shows off colors, custom toppers, or fancy liners. Make sure the cupcakes are arranged the right way, particularly so if you’re looking for a play of colors, or if you have a variety of designs you want to showcase.

Read up on why you should get a cupcake tower for your big day!

2. Cupcakes on Styled Cake Tables

Almost like cupcakes on a cupcake tower, you’ll expect your prettiest looking cupcakes to be on a styled cake table. Rather than having your little cakes arranged on a tower, you’ll find these cupcakes on just about any design element, from little dishes and trays, to wicker baskets, or even teacups, or stands of all kinds.

This photo of pretty cupcakes courtesy of The Cupcake Daily Blog.

These cupcakes are used more as a design element, rather than as treats to be served to your guests.

3. Cupcakes on Dessert Stations

While you can expect some of the prettier cupcakes to be used as styling elements on a dessert station, for the most part, you’ll have cupcakes ready to be served on a wedding dessert station.

Thinking of having your own personalized candy station at your wedding? Talk to us at Sofia's Cakes!

This photo of a black-and-white styled dessert station by Life Is Sweet Candy buffets.

Along with other baked treats (e.g. brownies, lemon bars, cookies, etc.), snacks, and candy, you can expect these cupcakes to be arranged neatly on trays for guests to pick up and enjoy at the wedding reception venue. Mini-cupcakes are often used here, as well as a play of different flavors, or different kinds of cupcakes.

Read more about candy-and-dessert stations here.

4. Cupcakes as Wedding Giveaways and Souvenirs

The most common order we’ve received here at Sofia’s Cakes are the cupcakes as wedding giveaways and souvenirs. Even the most basic design– colored buttercream frosting, box or dome packaging with ribbons, and a stock “Thank You” card– makes for a rather endearing wedding favor, and you can simply customize your cupcakes however you wish, depending on your theme and available budget.

Cupcakes as Wedding Favors and Giveaways, from Sofia's Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road.

Especially if you’re getting these wedding favors by the hundreds (a typical order would be 150 to 250 pieces), it’s definitely in your best interest to come up with a pretty enough design with packaging so you don’t go overboard with spending on giveaways.

Cupcakes as Wedding Favors and Giveaways, from Sofia's Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road.

Check out our available wedding cake packages with wedding cupcakes as souvenirs and giveaways for your guests.

5. Cupcakes as Prizes and Placeholders

Just like your wedding giveaways and souvenirs (or as a variation of such), you can have a stash of cupcakes as prizes for your games and activities during the festivities, or as placeholders for your guests as they are assigned their seats at your wedding reception.

2013 0713 Our Wedding Cake 04

It’s OK to have a variety of flavors, since your guests have a chance to bring home several cupcakes, depending on how involved or how lucky they are with the program you’ve prepared for the evening/afternoon.

Go Ahead And Get Your Own Custom Wedding Cupcakes!

Talk to our team of Tagaytay wedding cake designers, event stylists and wedding planners here at Sofia’s Cakes. Don’t forget to ask about our available promo packages, so you can get great deals on Tagaytay wedding cakes, custom cake toppers, candy stations and more!

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