Rustic Weddings in Tagaytay

We’re a big fan of rustic weddings here at Sofia’s Cakes.

Rustic weddings are certainly one of the most popular themes as far as Tagaytay wedding receptions go.  Thanks to its location and cool climate, Metro Tagaytay has lots of great wedding venues suitable for rustic-themed weddings, from garden venues, to hotels and restaurants of all kinds, as well as resorts, event halls and pavilions.

Also, rustic weddings tend to be more green and environment-friendly, as well as generally easier on the budget, with lots of DIY options or low-cost custom craft-work for decor and other design elements.

Rustic Wedding Decor Ideas
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What makes a rustic wedding rustic?

If we were to sum it up in three words, we’d go with: “unpolished”, “upcycled”, and “natural”.

As opposed to a more opulent, extravagant, and lavish wedding you might expect from more upscale establishments such as hotels and other fancy venues, rustic weddings tend to be more relaxed and laid-back.

Outdoor settings make for great rustic wedding receptions, so while gardens and open grounds are the top choice, remember that you can also spruce up just about any venue in a rustic manner, sort of like “bringing the outdoors inside”.

Rustic decor, therefore, calls for a mix of outdoors-y, naturally-occuring, and upcycled design elements.  So at a rustic-themed wedding, we’d typically expect:

  • Lots of rough wood elements.
  • Upcycled jars and bottles
  • Fresh flowers with bright, vibrant colors
  • Other plant-based design elements: twigs, leaves, even pinecones and bird nests.
  • Rough fabric such as burlap or sack-cloth
  • Upcycled furniture and other effects from lanterns, books, cabinets, etc.
  • Crates, barrels, and baskets

Rustic-Themed Wedding Cake Ideas
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The good thing about rustic weddings is that it allows for a great deal of creativity, thereby allowing you to incorporate lots of personality, even as you work in outdoor elements, or upcycled elements into the look and feel of your wedding reception.  The idea is to be able to bring seemingly out-of-place or mismatched pieces together via the creative use of styling and design.

Give a rustic treatment to the following items for your big day:

Wedding cake, including the cake table.
Wedding favors, such as cupcakes and minicakes, or your own candy station or dessert bar.
Wedding decor, which may include:

— invitations
— your signages at the venue
— escort cards and other placeholders
— your guests’ table centerpieces and table setup
— your photo opp area/s
— your guestbook
— other giveaways and treats for your guests

Dessert Stations, Cupcake Towers, and Styled Cake Tables

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Looking for more pegs for your rustic-themed Tagaytay wedding? Check out our growing gallery of rustic wedding designs, pegs and ideas here on our Gallery website:

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Rustic wedding decor ideas
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Wedding Favor Ideas
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Need Help Putting Together a Rustic Wedding in Tagaytay?

Contact our team here at Sofia’s Cakes, and we’ll not just talk about your rustic-themed Tagaytay wedding cake, but we’ll also hook you up with great local wedding suppliers operating in and around Tagaytay City.

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