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Welcome to our page on custom cake toppers for wedding cakes and cakes for special occasions!

Ask us about having a custom cake topper made for your cake in Tagaytay. Great for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other themed party or special occasion!
Ask us about having a custom cake topper made for your cake in Tagaytay. Great for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other themed party or special occasion!

Whether it’s for a Tagaytay wedding, for a birthday party, anniversary or debut, custom cake figurines or toppers make your cake designs a lot more personalized, and give it a great deal of character as well.

We make our own cake toppers here at Sofia’s Cakes, as we have our own team of clay artists and cake artists working on your cake design.

Note that your cake topper or figurine can take the form of just about anything you like:

  • bride-and-groom or couple, showcasing professions or hobbies/interests
  • heart-shaped design pieces
  • monogram initials
  • custom signages (e.g. flaglets, bannerets, etc.)
  • your favorite characters from movies/TV/books
  • smaller cake elements to really round out your look (e.g. little stamps or passports for a travel-themed cake, etc.)

Feel free to be as creative and as expressive as you wish to make your own cake design as close to your heart as possible– that’s what these custom toppers are for.

Check out this gallery of custom cake topper projects we’ve had thus far:

The Gallery

Wedding Cake Toppers

Most of the wedding cake toppers we put together for our soon-to-wed clients are either:

  • Custom bride-and-groom figurines– by far, the most common.
  • Monogram initials– using the couple’s initials, of course.
  • Custom signages: little hearts, flaglets or bannerets, or even pieces of wire or wood with the couple’s name/initials, wedding date, or even little messages of love.

As we’re working with custom cake figurines, we typically encourage the couple to work in little details that highlight their interests and hobbies, or their professions, or their own love story.

Whenever a couple wants a custom bride-and-groom cake topper for their wedding cake, we normally ask:

  • What color palette, theme or motif they have for their wedding/wedding reception
  • Pegs of their desired cake topper: this would usually be pre-nup photos, or images they’ve grabbed from online.
  • How they want to look: would the toppers be posed in a certain way? Is the groom wearing a suit, a tux, or a barong?  How will the bride wear her hair?
  • Additional details: do we want little messages, or their names up on a figurine set?  Maybe we’re looking at little props or other design elements to complete the figurine set.

We’ve got a lot more designs for wedding cake toppers here: 30+ Wedding Cake Topper Ideas.  In the meantime, check out our Wedding Cake Packages with custom cake toppers included here:

Standard Wedding Cake Package: 3-Tier Tagaytay Wedding Cake + Cake Topper + 10 Mini-Cakes
Standard Wedding Cake Package: 4-Tier Tagaytay Wedding Cake + Cake Topper

You can also add your own custom cake figurine with any of our other Standard Wedding Cake Packages or Basic Wedding Cake Packages.

Any Questions About Custom Cake Toppers?

Get in touch with our dedicated team of cake designers, event stylists and professional party planners via these numbers:

(Mobile) +63 977 811.CAKE or +63 977 811.2253 (GLOBE), and +63 999 888.7700 (SMART)
(Landline) +63 46 483.1483 (PLDT)

Or you can email us by clicking here, or by visiting our “Contact Us” page here.

You may also come visit us at our shop in Amadeo, Cavite, just outside Tagaytay City. You may download a copy of a map and instructions here.

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