Jeanna’s Frozen-Themed Cupcake Tower [Our Featured Character Cake]

Disney’s “Frozen” continues to be one of our more popular themes, as far as Tagaytay birthday parties are concerned. This particular Frozen-themed cupcake tower was one we put together for Jeanna’s birthday party in December last year.
2014 1213 Jeanna's Frozen Cupcake Tower
Jeanna’s cupcake tower has a pretty buttercream cake in blue swirls and snowflakes– we were hoping to achieve a “snowstorm” effect with it.  Underneath the frosting is moist chocolate cake. Continue reading Jeanna’s Frozen-Themed Cupcake Tower [Our Featured Character Cake]

Pinoy Pickup Lines on Gette and Nikko’s Lootbags

The Sofia’s Cakes team set up a candy station for Gette and Nikko’s engagement-and-birthday party a few weeks back. We were there to set up a their cake, as well as their sweets and treats. But what really got us tickled pink were the lootbags our hosts have prepared for their guests:

Gette & Nikko's Lootbags 05

Each guest had a handy lootbag for stashing away some of the sweets and treats provided at the party. And each lootbag had a Pinoy pickup line on it. Continue reading Pinoy Pickup Lines on Gette and Nikko’s Lootbags

Moist chocolate cupcakes with pink buttercream frosting, and baptism-themed cupcake toppers, by Sofia's Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road.

Baby Roma’s Christening Party in Tagaytay

The Sofia’s Cakes team was at Morielli’s Inn & Diner in Tagaytay yesterday for a very special celebration. Baby Roma Angelicah’s parents wanted to have a party in Tagaytay, so we helped put together a custom cake-cupcake-and-candy station just for the occasion.

Roma Angelicah's custom fondant christening cake, by Sofia's Cakes.
Need to put together a special Tagaytay get-together? Talk to us about your very own Tagaytay party planning requirements.

So we had a special custom 2-tier cake made for Baby Roma in pink, with candy hearts and little candy baby shoes.  We also had her name and the celebration date on the cake. Continue reading Baby Roma’s Christening Party in Tagaytay

Party Planning Services, by Sofia’s Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road

While we specialize in custom Tagaytay wedding cakes, our specialty bake shop also makes custom cake creations for all sorts of special occasions.

Lately, however, we’ve noticed that more and more of our clients have asked us to design and manage their parties and get-togethers.  This is particularly true for our customers who are (understandably) busy with their own day-to-day activities (i.e. work, business), and really can’t be expected to organize a fairly big get-together in Tagaytay, what with their limited time and energy.

This is where we come in.  Just this month, we’ve officially started offering our professional party planning services.  Along with our custom celebration cakes, cupcake towers and cake toppers, we now offer our expertise in putting together parties and events in Metro Tagaytay, along with a wider selection of add-ons and extras to further customize your very own party.

Tagaytay Party Planning, by Sofia's Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road

What Can We Do For You?

We specialize in theme party setups of about 24 to 50 guests, but we’ve also handled smaller, more intimate gatherings (i.e. gourmet dinner setups for 12-15 guests), or even larger get-togethers (i.e. high school and family reunions).  Typical reasons for celebration may include

  • a Disney-themed birthday party for your 7-year-old
  • a private dinner with the immediate families of the bride and groom just before the big day
  • a cake-tasting event for high tea, at one of Metro Tagaytay’s more popular hotels
  • a golden (50th) anniversary celebration and family reunion in the same party
  • a destination debut celebration in Metro Tagaytay with close family and friends
  • a themed baptismal luncheon at one of the more well-known restaurants in Metro Tagaytay
  • a wine and cheese party for a select group of clients
  • a spa/wellness party for you and your close friends
  • a deliciously satisfying ending to a very productive corporate planning and team-building session
  • a themed private picnic with balikbayan friends
  • a press conference for bloggers, PR folk and other media personages, showcasing your new products and services

Talk to us about handling your event for you; we’ll discuss your event goals and requirements, your preferred working budget and have our expert team of planners, stylists, artists and craftsmen come up with something unique and exciting just for you. Depending on your needs, your party planning package may include a combination of the following services:

  • Gourmet lunch/dinner setups for small groups
  • Catered buffet setups for larger groups
  • Theme development, event design and styling
  • Balloon and fresh flower decor
  • Custom invitations, backdrops, signages and other printables
  • Custom celebration cakes or cupcake towers according to theme, plus dessert station and/or candy buffet
  • Professional lights and sounds (for larger gatherings)
  • Party hosts and entertainers (e.g. musicians, magicians, balloon artists, face-painting artists, henna tattoo artists, clowns, costumed appearances, etc.)
  • Other party add-ons: stations for sorbetes/popsicle, cotton candy, shawarma, gelato, lechon and other party treats.
  • Program flow, along with games and contests
  • Custom giveaways, souvenirs and goodie bags for your guests

Making Metro Tagaytay Parties Better

Sofia’s Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road has been servicing the Metro Tagaytay area since early 2012.  Our goal is to make parties and get-togethers a lot more festive, a lot more memorable, and a lot more enjoyable for all our clients.

We’re happy to work with all sorts of events– from small, intimate gatherings to larger get-togethers, whether classy and stylish, or out-of-the-box and extraordinary.  Whatever you might have in mind, we’d like to make it work for you and your guests!

Find out how we can make party planning more stress-free and worry-free for you!  Contact us today, and let us know how we can help you with putting together your party or event in Tagaytay.

A Double Celebration at Estancia Resort Hotel

Take a look at this lovely party setup by the good people of Estancia Resort Hotel in Tagaytay City for Jeon, who’s celebrating his christening, and Ms. Maureen, who’s celebrating her birthday.

Jeon’s Birthday Cake

Jeon’s camo-themed cupcake tower, with little toy soldiers topping the cupcakes, and strewn all around the arrangement.

Maureen’s Burberry-themed cupcake tower.

Maureen’s fondant cupcakes really up close.

Jeon’s camo-themed cupcakes with toy soldiers as cupcake toppers.

Jeon and Maureen’s cupcake towers, side by side.

Part of Estancia Resort Hotel’s Recreation Area, all set up for Jeon and Maureen’s double celebration.

Service is about to start!  Refreshments specially prepared by Estancia Resort Hotel.

Balloon arrangements in shades of blue adorning Estancia Hotel’s Entertainment Area.

Another shot of Jeon’s cupcake tower, this time with a better view of all the toys decorating this spread.

Maureen and Baby Jeon are expecting some 80 guests to join them for the day’s festivities.

For more photos, visit the Estancia Facebook page, or the official Estancia Resort Hotel website.

Get in touch with us at Sofia’s Cakes, and ask us about putting together your celebration cake, and even your party for you! Other services offered by Sofia’s Cakes:

  • party planning & organizing services
  • gift bags, loot bags, prizes and party souvenirs
  • event styling (with balloons, flowers and custom craft-work)
  • event hosts and entertainers (magicians, clowns, musicians, etc.)
  • custom invites and signages
  • candy buffet & dessert buffet stations
  • private event management

About Estancia Hotel

Estancia Resort Hotel is about 60 kilometers or one and half hours drive from Makati. It is located in Bgy. San Jose, less than a kilometer from the Tagaytay rotunda or one and half kilometers from the city market coming from Sta. Rosa Laguna.

Built far from the city’s noise and pollution, the hotel’s rooms capture the breathtaking view of the Taal Lake and are located on a sprawling terrain that’s nestled in a cool tropical climate.

Enjoy first class accommodations in each of the hotel’s uniquely designed rooms. Rooms are with airconditioning, cable TV, hot and cold running water, telephones and minibar.

For inquiries and further details:

Phone Numbers: (+63 46) 413.1133 to 35, (+63 46) 413.1331, (+63 939) 237.9813, (+63 915) 134.9426

How Much To Serve At a Party [Infographic]

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