Jazz Up Your Jars

Another client asked us, “Hey Sofia’s Cakes, got any ideas on how I can label my jars for my wedding giveaways?”

Sure we do! Jars make for excellent giveaways for not just weddings, but for parties and other special occasions as well. While they aren’t as cost-effective as cupcakes, jars allow you an give out just about anything you want:

  • your favorite candy
  • cake, cheesecake, cookies, brownies, and other sweet treats
  • dry ingredient mixes of all kinds, from soups, to dips, even for cookies, smores, and hot chocolate drinks
  • jams, jellies, and preserves
  • spices
  • scrubs and salts

I’m sure there are a whole lot of other ideas out there, but as you can see, jar giveaways do give you lots of options.

So let’s check out a few cool ideas we’ve found online on getting labels on these jars of yours.

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Hollywood Themed Wedding

Hollywood Glam Wedding Reception Ideas

A client recently emailed, “Hey, Sofia’s Cakes! You think you can send me some ideas for a Hollywood-themed wedding in Tagaytay?”

Because we’re such nice guys, we thought we’d share a few Hollywood glam wedding ideas right here on our blog.

Whether you’re really into movies, or you dig the whole classic Hollywood vibe, there are lots of ideas you can use to pull off a Hollywood Glam wedding theme.

Here are 25 photos to get you all fired up in putting together your very own Hollywood-inspired wedding reception in Tagaytay. Continue reading Hollywood Glam Wedding Reception Ideas

Blue Wedding Cakes, by Sofia's Cakes Tagaytay Amadeo Road

Blue Tagaytay Wedding Cakes

Blue is a common color we work with here at Sofia’s Cakes.   Which means a lot of Tagaytay weddings have the color blue as part of their color palette. In this post, let’s talk more about blue Tagaytay wedding cakes.

Late summer color palette from Heart of Frederick.
Late summer color palette from Heart of Frederick.

In fact, a lot of our soon-to-wed brides come to us with all sorts of pegs and mood boards with blue wedding cakes. More about the color blue, as well as a few mood boards, and some color palettes below.

Here are several wedding cakes we’ve done for Tagaytay weddings, with blue cake bodies, or predominantly blue design elements. Continue reading Blue Tagaytay Wedding Cakes

Can’t Get Enough M&M’s? Have an M&M Cake!

Know someone with a sweet spot for M&M’s? You might want to consider having an M&M cake made! Check out these awesome M&M cake ideas:

M&M Overload Cake

While it works best for a great birthday cake, we don’t see any reason why it couldn’t be a wedding cake or anniversary cake.

This idea should work with just about any standard cake, with a little structure with your M&M’s candy wrapper and a generous cascade of M&M candy made of just about any M&M variety you’d want!

Optional: your cute M&M mascots as your custom cake topper.

Another great idea: get an accompanying candy station, with even more M&M’s, and more of your favorite sweets and treats!

(Thanks to Annie for sending this idea in!)

Photo Credits: No idea who made these cakes, as these pegs have been making the rounds on Google and Facebook. But do let us know so we can give proper attribution to the respective cakemakers.

Cake Inspirations at Sofia’s Cakes

Cake InspirationsEvery now and then, we have clients and friends sending us all sorts of cake pegs and cake designs from all over the internet, asking us if we can put together something similar for them.

We decided to compile some of these interesting cake concepts and ideas right here on Cake Inspirations at Sofia’s Cakes— wedding cake ideas, birthday cake inspirations, and pegs for all sorts of cakes for your big day in Tagaytay!

Got a great idea in mind for your very own custom cake?

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Handy Color Guide by Ingrid Sundberg

Here at Sofia’s Cakes, we’re particular about our client’s color requirements.

Color Palette - Purple

For example, when a client wants purple design elements for their wedding cake and accompanying candy station, you have to know exactly what they want as there are so many shades of purple.

As you can see with this color palette, it’s not as simple as describing something as “light purple” or “deep purple”.  While it may work for some clients or some cake-makers, we’d like to be really specific here at Sofia’s Cakes.

Sure, we’ve got our own catalog of color swatches, but thankfully, Ingrid Sundberg– young adult author and children’s book illustrator– has come up with several handy color guides (just for the fun of it!) to make our work as cake designers, event stylists, and wedding planners so much easier.

(Thanks, Ingrid! –Sofia’s Cakes Design Team)

Here are those handy color swatches put together by Ms. Sundberg: Continue reading Handy Color Guide by Ingrid Sundberg

8 Great Ideas for Graduation Cakes

Graduation is a time for new beginnings, and what better way to celebrate than with a festive looking graduation cake.  Every time this year, we get inquiries from our clients, asking us what sort of designs they can use for their own cakes for their graduates’ big day.  So here are a few great ideas for graduation cakes we’ve found all over the internet.

Three-tier graduation cake.  Makes for a great basic design, with a year, as well as a congratulatory message.  Color scheme can match the school colors, or just about any personal preference.  Photo by Cake Central. Continue reading 8 Great Ideas for Graduation Cakes