The Cassidy Design – Our Featured Tagaytay Wedding Cake

For custom Tagaytay wedding cakes, get in touch with us at Sofia's Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road. We also make custom candy stations, cupcake towers, wedding giveaways, and cake toppers. Ask about our promo packages for Tagaytay weddings and other special occasions!

The Cassidy Design 3-Tier Fondant Wedding Cake: our featured design from the many Tagaytay wedding cakes put together by Sofia’s Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road.

(Note: custom cake topper and mini-cake giveaways are upgrades)

You can customize your own Cassidy Design:

  • While the 3-tier design is standard, you may choose to have the Cassidy as a 2-tier, 4-tier, 5-tier or 6-tier wedding cake, or even as a wedding cupcake tower.
  • Round 6×5″/ 10×5″/ 14×5″ cuts are standard; you may opt to recreate the Cassidy with square cuts.
  • The entire middle tier is edible; you may opt to have additional edible tiers, such as the top and the base cake tiers.
  • Package-inclusive cake flavors include moist chocolate, lemon butter or vanilla pound cake flavors. You have the option to go with other specialty flavors such as carrot-raisin, orange pound, chocolate marble, banana-walnut, rainbow cake, among others.
  • Cake body is typically classic white or off-white, or any light/pastel color; but you may have this design in just about any color you want.
  • Design elements include ribbon trimmings, beadwork and candy roses. These are also usually done in your preferred color palette.

Browse through our portfolio of Tagaytay wedding cake designs here!

Popular Tagaytay wedding cake add-ons:

Customize your own very Tagaytay wedding cake! Get in touch with the Sofia’s Cakes team today, and let’s talk about putting together a wedding cake package for your Tagaytay dream wedding!

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