Tawa Muna Tayo with Carlo del Carmen’s Komiks

We take a break from our usual wedding stuff to bring you some good ol’ fashioned classic Pinoy funnies, conjured up straight onto his notebook by Carlo del Carmen.

KDL's Funnies 12

Remember those days when we had no iPads, no smart phones, and no internet? Back when, in grade school or high school, we’d have meaningful face-to-face interactions with our friends and classmates, and we’d all have a bunch of jokes to share?

KDL's Funnies 16

Well, Carlo’s komiks are a throwback to those days of yore.  A very welcome dose of Pinoy nostalgia for those of us who grew up on this sort of humor.

KDL's Funnies 14

The Dude Behind The Komiks

Many of you might know Carlo as an FM radio personality, but some time ago, he started sharing his doodles on his Facebook page, and they’re actually pretty funny!

KDL's Funnies 20

By now, he’s got a whole bunch of these babies up on his Facebook page, and as you can imagine, many of these have been shared online over and over again.

KDL's Funnies 18

Call them clever, call them classics, call them corny, call them what you will, but these komiks are going to be a hit with our OFW brothers and sisters out there all itching for anything Pinoy. This one’s for you, kabayan!

KDL's Funnies 17

Funny, diba?

KDL's Funnies 13

OK, fine. What about this one?

KDL's Funnies 15

Carlo now doodles under the “KDL” nom de guerre (that should give you a clue on his old DJ handle).  Hey, he just recently got featured on The Philippine Star! Check it.

KDL's Funnies 19

Dude, you should totally start a line of T-shirts with these.  Or publish a series of books.  Or start a web series or something. Coz this is all awesome.

Check out more of Carlo del Carmen’s awesome komiks here:

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Hey, funny ba? Let us know what you think about Carlo’s komiks by commenting below!

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