Bride Rocks Reception with “Don’t Stop Believin'”

You think she’d take the midnight train goin’ anywhere, but smalltown girl Nicole Papay (born and raised in Baltimore!) rose to the occasion and rocked out to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” with the band at her very own wedding reception.

She just crushed it! Look at all those streetlight people having an awesome time! Steve Perry himself would be so proud.  We’re sure her groom (now husband) Aaron Cheslock is!

That was Nicole’s dad, Lou, at the start of the video, trying to convince her to get up there with the band and sing (which she did!).

Nick Centrella, co-leader of the night’s wedding band, Sydney, admitted he had apprehensions about the little stunt. “Any time someone that you have never heard sing joins you on stage, you have reservations about whether they will be good or if we will need to carry them through the song,” Nick says. “But as you see in the video, as soon as she hit the first note, I put my hands in the air to signal to the rest of band that she was great and to just let her take it. She rocked the house and we were happy to supply the back up for that epic moment!”

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It goes on and on and on and on!

How’s that for a fun and memorable night?

Big thanks to Philadelphia Magazine for the heads up on the story!

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