Baguio’s Largest Wedding Cake

Now that’s a HUGE cake!  If that isn’t the largest wedding cake we’ve ever seen, we wouldn’t know what is!

In celebration of the Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Week in Baguio this year, a three-ton chocolate cake was created as part of the festivities for the city’s annual culinary and tourism show

3-Ton Wedding Cake

This massive chocolate cake– having a soft lavender motif– weighs in at over 3 tons, and is a little over 60 feet high. It has four layers– the base is 24 x 24 feet, the second layer is 18 x 18 feet, the third layer is 12 x 12 feet, and the fourth, topmost layer is 6 x 6 feet.

Baguio Country Club pastry chef Art Nucaza created this chocolate monstrosity, using 1200 kilos of flour and sugar, 480 kilos of butter, 16,000 eggs, 256 kilos of chocolate powder, 800 cans of evaporated milk, 50 kilos of baking soda/baking powder, and 500 liters of non-dairy cream.

3-Ton Wedding Cake

He was assisted by 12 professionals and students of two Baguio universities. Baking started a week earlier for the cake to be ready by Thursday morning, September 6. The cake was also garnished with fresh fruits and flowers.

The gargantuan cake was the biggest cake Nucaza made in his whole life. An estimated 20,000 people was able to have a slice of cake.

A similar cake was baked back in 2007, when a mass wedding involving more than 50 couples was performed within the mall as part of a drive by the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Baguio to promote tourism in the city.

3-Ton Wedding Cake

Hosted by the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Baguio City, the HRT week had also created buzzworthy food events, such as the Longest and Tastiest Raisin Bread, Giant Ice Castles, the Longest Original Baguio Longganisa, Chefs on Parade, the Largest Pizza, Pasta Festival and the Fried Rice Festival: Rice and Shine.

Pictures by NPPA Images, published on Yahoo!

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