8 Awesome Ideas for Small Wedding Cakes

Thinking of having a small, intimate wedding in Metro Tagaytay? Small wedding cakes might be the way to go– here are 8 lovely designs we’ve found online!

If you’re having an intimate gathering of family and friends for your wedding in Tagaytay, you don’t need to go overboard on your wedding cake.

Maddie Eisenhart, Digital Director and Style Editor for A Practical Wedding, suggests “If you just want to save (some money) and have a pretty wedding cake, then here’s my advice: buy or make or ask a friend to make an inexpensive (but tasty) small cake, and then decorate the heck out of it.”

Check out these eight pegs of small wedding cakes we’ve rounded up to give you an idea how to pull off your own cake for your big day in Tagaytay:

Cake Photo by Amanda Berens
Tagaytay is a great place for garden weddings! You can use herbs to decorate the sides of your buttercream cake. Cake Photo by Amanda Berens

Wondering how you can order a wedding cake from Sofia’s Cakes for your big day? Click here for our easy step-by-step guide.

Wedding Cake by Tu Eres El Chef
You can also go for a naked cake design, with just the barest hint of frosting, and top that baby with an assortment of fresh flowers. Wedding Cake by Tu Eres El Chef.

Most of these cake ideas, by the way, are buttercream wedding cakes. Check out these buttercream wedding cake ideas here.

Wedding Cake by Sweet and Saucy Shop
You know what also makes for great design elements? Colored candy! This wedding cake made use of rock candy to come up with an ombre effect. Sweet! Wedding Cake by Sweet and Saucy Shop.

Here are a few more buttercream wedding cake ideas.

Wedding Cake by Earth and Sugar
Go all the way with your floral detail, with a lovely crown of your favorite fresh flowers. Ask your florist or stylist to help you out! Wedding Cake by Earth and Sugar.

These wedding cake ideas also work well for anniversaries and debuts. You may also want to check out these ideas for one-tier birthday cakes.

Macaron Wedding Cake by Raspberri Cupcakes
You can put other sweet treats on your cake too, like these heart-shaped French Macarons. Macaron Wedding Cake by Raspberri Cupcakes.

You can have your own dessert station with your wedding cake as well. Check out these great dessert bar ideas for rustic and garden weddings.

Cake Photo via Host & Toast Studio
You can get as whimsical as you’d like with cake toppers. Whether it’s a custom bride-and-groom figurine set, monogram initials, or quotable quotes like these, a topper definitely adds a lot more personality to your wedding cake. Cake Photo via Host & Toast Studio.

Speaking of cake toppers, check out these great ideas for custom cake figurines of all kinds.

Wedding Cake by Healthfully Ever After
It’s OK to have a plain white cake. You can then use an assortment of flowers to give it a burst of color to match your preferred color palette. Wedding cake by Healthfully Ever After.

Big fan of The Avengers? Check out our Avengers-themed Cake Ideas here.

Cake Photo by April Ann Photography
Incorporate whatever design you want! Naked cake with fresh flowers *and* a custom cake topper? Why not? Cake Photo by April Ann Photography.

More Suggestions from Sofia’s Cakes!

  • Have a candy station or dessert bar to complement your wedding cake.  You can have your wedding cake as a centerpiece, and an assortment of sweets, treats, or even giveaways all around it, on a table styled according to your theme.
  • For slightly larger weddings, have a similar 1-tier cake distributed to each table for sharing.  You can even have different flavors if you so wish.
  • Have cupcakes made to look like your main wedding cake, or at least have similar design elements from it.  You can use these cupcakes as additional decor for your venue, as welcome gifts, prizes for your games and activities, or as wedding souvenirs.


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