10 Reasons To Get Yourself a Cupcake Tower!

We here at Sofia’s Cakes have found that having a cupcake tower (or a cupcake spread) is steadily becoming a fairly popular choice among those getting married, as well as for those celebrating their kids’ birthdays or baptisms, or their parents’ (and grandparents’) anniversaries.

Of course, you can choose to have a cupcake tower accompanying your primary cake– like your wedding cake, for example– or just a cupcake tower by itself. Either way, having cupcakes on your special day does have its advantages.

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1. Cupcakes are easier to serve. Rather than slicing up that beautiful wedding cake of yours, you can simply hand out (or serve) cupcakes to your guests. It’s not as messy, it’s not as time-consuming, and you can keep your cake all to yourself!

2. Cupcakes are simple. And because of this, cupcakes can help complement an existing design element of your party, or help fill a particular need– whether as a souvenir or party favor, as a decorative piece, part of a game or contest, or even as the centerpiece of your event!

Cupcakes as Wedding Favors and Giveaways, from Sofia's Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road.
Regular Buttercream Cupcakes with Small Candy Roses in Turquoise and Pink

3. Cupcakes are fully customizable! It’s common to match the cupcakes with the party’s theme or motif, and even more common to match the main cake.

We’ve noticed a lot of guests also take time to make their cupcakes as varied as possible, or to include a short message for their guests.

4. Cupcakes help set the mood! Because you can have just about any cupcake design you want, more savvy event organizers use cupcakes to go with the overall theme. So on one hand, they can be elegant and finely-detailed, or they can be more colorful and whimsical.

Designing the cupcake tower, cupcake spread, or even the packaging helps add to the overall mood as well, so don’t forget to also take that into consideration.

Cupcakes as Wedding Favors and Giveaways, from Sofia's Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road.

5. Cupcakes make great party favors or souvenirs! You can just as easily have the waiters pack your cupcakes individually in pre-decorated clear boxes and hand them out as giveaways! Don’t forget to put a nice little “thank you” message along with it!

6. You get more value out of cupcakes! Cupcakes are cheaper than a traditional, elaborate wedding cake. A lot of brides also use a spread of cupcakes, or even a cupcake tower to complement the main cake.

Remember this also works for birthday cakes, or cakes for your anniversary celebrations, baptisms and other special occasions.

Cupcakes as Wedding Favors and Giveaways, from Sofia's Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road.

7. Cupcakes are easier to decorate than a full cake. If you’re the type to actually make your own cupcake tower, or cupcake souvenirs, you might actually be able to pull off a great looking cupcake tower with a lot less effort.

8. Cupcakes are already a perfect serving size. This leaves out all the guesswork, so you know exactly how many cupcakes you need for a particular number of guests.

(Of course it’s no guarantee your guests will only get one cupcake! So have someone available to hand out/serve your cupcakes just to make sure everybody gets one.)

Cupcakes as Wedding Favors and Giveaways, from Sofia's Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road.

9. Cupcake towers are unique and trendy. Your guests will think it’s a fun idea, and if you have a well-executed cupcake tower, your guests would most likely talk about it for a long time.

Make your cupcake tower available for your guests to take pictures so they can post them online and share them online or on their phones. How’s that for generating buzz?

10. Cupcakes are always fun! Cakes are fun, but if you want to bring the fun level up a notch, bring out the cupcakes! In the end, you can never go wrong with cupcakes. Bring a cupcake tower into a room and watch your guests light up in glee!

Cupcakes as Wedding Favors and Giveaways, from Sofia's Cakes Tagaytay-Amadeo Road.

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