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Welcome to the official website of Sofia’s Cakes Tagaytay– Metro Tagaytay’s custom cake supplier of choice for weddings, birthdays, and other themed parties and events since 2012.

Tagaytay Wedding Cakes and So Much More!

All good things come with cake. The beginning of a brand new life as husband and wife. The start of another year of blessings and challenges. A promotion. A new addition to the family. A job well done. Or just about any reason for celebrating.

At Sofia’s Cakes, we know that these moments are special to you and your loved ones. Which is why we put in more thought and more heart into our home-made cake creations. Our freshly made Tagaytay wedding cakes come right out of the ovens of our very own home in Amadeo, Cavite– a stone’s throw away from Tagaytay City.

Our team specializes in custom buttercream and fondant wedding cakes for your big day in Tagaytay.  Lately, we’ve also been taking on full-service planning for weddings and parties, themed events, and private wedding venue tours in and around Metro Tagaytay (so feel free to ask our team about those!)

Tagaytay Wedding Cakes

Customize your own wedding cake however you’d want it– we can work with just about any budget, any size wedding cake, and even suggest a variety of add-ons, or other styling elements to further personalize your wedding cake spread

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Standard Wedding Cake Packages
Best Value Wedding Cake Packages
Basic Wedding Cake Packages

As far as Tagaytay weddings go, wedding cakes can have an accompanying styled cake table, or your choice of satellite cakes, candy stations, cupcake towers, as well as dessert cakes for an even more impressive-looking spread.

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Having a Party in Tagaytay?

Tagaytay is a popular weekend destination for families and barkadas.  As such, there’s almost always a celebration happening– whether it’s a birthday, debut or christening, an anniversary, a shower, or even simple gatherings, corporate events, private get-togethers, and other themed parties.

Click here for an easy step-by-step guide on ordering a birthday cake from Sofia’s Cakes!

In addition to making custom birthday cakes and cupcake towers, Sofia’s Cakes now also offers professional party planning services for events and gatherings in and around Metro Tagaytay.

Packages for Special Occasions in Tagaytay

Our Celebration Cake Packages here
Our other available Party Packages
Professional party planning services


Talk to our team about putting together your very own party in Tagaytay!

Curated Cake Designs and Inspirations

Looking for a few good cake designs? It is common for couples to come to us with their own cake pegs and ideas for their big day in Tagaytay.

We’ve got a whole bunch of ideas, pegs, designs, and other bits of inspiration for your Tagaytay wedding, or for that themed party you’re having in the neighborhood soon.

Browse through our cake gallery to check out our own portfolio of cake projects, or check out our section on curated cake designs, pegs, and inspirations to get a better idea on what sort of cake you’d  want us to customize for you.


Metro Tagaytay Weddings

How else can we help you with your big day?  Sofia’s Cakes has a network of recommended vendors and suppliers for Metro Tagaytay weddings, as well as other themed events and parties of all kinds.

Need some assistance putting together your own Tagaytay wedding? We’ve got wedding planners to set you on the right path?

Ask our team if you’d like a private tour of wedding venues in and around Tagaytay City, or if you’d like to meet up with caterers, wedding photo/video teams, couturiers, designers, or event stylists.

We also have a roster of other vendors and suppliers for your wedding reception, so if you need lights and sounds teams, bridal car rentals, florists, wedding favors and souvenirs, candy/dessert stations, hair and makeup artists, bands and musicians, emcees, tent suppliers, and even hotels, resorts, and restaurants all over the neighborhood of Metro Tagaytay.

Get in touch with our team about anything else you might need for your Metro Tagaytay wedding. You can ask our team about vendors and suppliers for themed parties, corporate events, and other on-ground activities you might have in mind.